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The Soothing Benefits Of A Massage

The science behind how massage induce pleasure and relief pain


What's going on?

Massage has been growing in popularity and what was once regarded as a traditional method of healthcare and merely for relaxation has found its way to modern healthcare today. It has been proven to be one of the many ways to activate pleasure chemicals in our bodies. According to research by Group Health Research Institute in Seattle with 400 participants, 40% reported significant improvement in both their pain and functions after a massage.


Other studies have shown that massage can reduce inflammation of skeletal muscle damaged through vigorous exercise. A weekly hour-long Swedish massage can reduce pain for individuals that are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Instead of depending solely on medication to improve pain, individuals now have an additional option. Furthermore, massage therapy can also assist in the lowering of stress levels and eliminate depressions while improving general fatigue.


These days, people who suffer from chronic pain are often referred to massage therapy to improve the quality of their lifestyle naturally. Researchers also found that massage therapy provides the same benefits as sleep, which is essential for the growth of new tissues and general health. nditions to fall asleep. With the extensive medical benefits of massage to heal injuries, relieve pain, reduce stress, prevent and cure illnesses, this technique rooted in ancient history might continue to be practiced for many years to come.


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