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It’s Time To Think Economically About Ergonomics

Standing up against lower back problems


What's going on?

Back pain is a common development in working adults, parents, and college students. Not surprisingly, it has become the leading cause of disability worldwide and the third leading reason for a visit to the doctor behind skin disorders and osteoarthritis. Extended periods of sitting at a desk, driving behind the wheel, or bed rest can lead to many health risks and expensive costs of treatment.


Back pain stems from a multitude of reasons such as arthritis, poor posture, strained muscles, and sports injuries. An extended period of discomfort can take a toll on individuals seeking a well-functioning life. Not only is it excruciatingly difficult to move, but lower back pain also costs Americans an average of $50 billion every year in medical costs. Globally, back pain accounts for 264 million lost workdays worldwide, which is equivalent to two full workdays for every worker in a country. Experts also estimate that about 80% of people will encounter back issues at some point their lives.


To improve the quality of living, one can take a break from sitting every 30 minutes and enjoy a walk around their office or neighborhood. It’s also important to exercise daily for 60 minutes while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. For computer users, they should position their computer screen at eye level and position their keyboard in a way that their arms are not bent. One can also stretch regularly or perform yoga exercises, which would help curb the issue of back pain. These recommended tips would help one to pursue a more ergonomic and active life – and avoid the spiking costs of back treatment.