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The Rise Of Aryton Seena To Become A Legendary Formula 1 Driver

A brief history into the racing career of a Formula 1 legend


What's going on?

Aryton Senna’s extraordinary feats at the wheel of a racing car managed to put his name amongst the legends in Formula 1. Seena was arguably faster and more daring than any other driver of his era, which landed him 80 podium positions and three Formula One World Championship title. However, his journey didn’t start off at the right track as he didn’t garner any attention during his debut season in 1984. It was until the Monte Carlo Grand Prix where Seena showed off his prowess in the rainy weather which is a nightmare for drivers.


One of his defining moments is the clash with his arch-rival and McLaren teammate, Alain Prost, with whom they got into a fight at the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix. It was due to this incident that Seena was eventually disqualified from the race. Despite his ruthlessness on the race track, Seena’s contribution towards his home country is no short of heroic. The profits from Senna’s brands and merchandises were directed to Aryton Senna Institute, where it focuses on education for Brazilan children.


Fast forward to 1991, Aryton Senna made history again as he won the Brazilian Grand Prix with a broken gearbox. He cared deeply about his home country and was determined to win on his home turf despite wrestling with the gear stuck in sixth. A decade later in 1994 after Seena’s debut, he unfortunately crashed his car into a concrete barrier during the San Marino Grand Prix. He suffered a devastating head injury and sadly lost his life, marking the loss of an icon in Formula 1.