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Apple’s Unusual Shopping Habit

Why the tech giant acquires a company every two to three weeks


What's going on?

The duration taken for car owners to refuel their vehicles every two to three weeks is the same duration taken for Apple to acquire a new startup to its mega corporation. This bi-weekly shopping habit is a result of Apple’s growing desire to expand its reach in the technology industry. Within the first half of 2019 alone, the tech giant has acquired 25 companies – and it doesn’t plan on stopping there.


Although Apple does not publicly advertise every acquisition, CEO Tim Cook announced that the organization reviews its quarterly earnings for extra money which they use to target companies that fit into the strategic development of the company. That includes improving the Apple’s iOS system, perfecting Siri’s functionalities, and working on breakthrough virtual reality applications. The frequency in which Apple makes decisions average out to a new acquisition every two to three weeks.


Apple usually targets startups that display upcoming intellectual potential and as a result has acquired notable household names such as Shazam, Siri, Beats, and many others. The innovative ideas brought to the table by these smaller companies have proven to make an immediate impact on Apple’s consumer products while also expanding and enriching the ever-changing frontier of technology.


Apple has acquired 20-25 companies in the last six months