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Could Amazon’s New Virtual Clinic Be The Future Of Healthcare?

Bringing convinience into the healthcare business


What's going on?

What does the future of healthcare look like with the advancement of technology over the generation? Recently, Amazon launched a clinic for its employees in Seattle called Amazon Care as a pilot project. The unique part about this project is that it is a virtual clinic. In this case, a doctor can be contacted for a video visit or an in-person consultation, while healthcare professionals will be available to answer questions on health topics.


Additionally, Amazon Care can arrange for follow up visits by a nurse to the patient’s house if required. Medications can also be delivered to the patient’s residence within a few hours via Amazon Care, or the patient can pick it up themselves at a pharmacy of their choice. Despite the accessibility, patient privacy is ensured by a company called Oasis Medical to prevent Amazon from having access to employee health records.


This project could represent a foray by Amazon into telemedicine which represents a $130 billion market opportunity. For now, it appears to be a way to test its products and concepts in a controlled environment. This concept, if brought to and adopted by the wider public, could revolutionize healthcare as we know it today. This system would increase patient convenience as well as reduce wait time and travel time to clinics for minor conditions. Only time will tell if this system will work out and become an accepted practice in the future.


Amazon launches Amazon Care, a virtual medical clinic for employees