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Amazon Prime Trumps Content Streaming

A look into how Amazon Prime is overtaking other streaming services


What's going on?

Content streaming is now the preferred method to watch movies or listen to music, and gone are the days of physical format media such as DVD and Blu-Rays. With a variety of streaming sites to select from, it can be overwhelming for consumers these days to choose their preferred subscription, which would lead to an investment of time and money. However, one name that has stood out in this competitive market is Amazon Prime that has almost four times more films available for streaming compared to the popular Netflix.


Based on a study in 2018, Amazon Prime’s library is estimated to contain close to 20,000 titles, while Netflix has over 5,500 titles in comparison. However, the numbers do not necessarily translate into revenue as each streaming services have their strengths in different aspects. In the case of Netflix, they are well known for producing its original content. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, has the upper hand on television titles. Additionally, Amazon Prime’s subscription also extends to offer an additional perk with a free one or two-day shipping on most items sold on Amazon’s website.


With Netflix, consumers get to experience the 90’s all over again with physical DVD rentals. However, this is an additional paid service aside from the streaming. Ultimately, there is no clear winner, and both services have something for everybody, although most predict that Amazon Prime will continue to set the path for this industry. With a growing competition with other names such as Hulu and Roku, the future of content streaming looks bright and consumers are expected to benefit from this.


Amazon Prime vs Netflix: Battle of the streaming giants