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Which Airports Have The Speediest Free Wi-Fi?

Airports with the fastest Wi-Fi speed across United States and Canada


What's going on?

While traveling to a new country is often a new adventure, airports can be a tiresome and exhausting transit point despite the number of facilities built. With travelers’ increasing behavior of staying connected to the internet, airports have now placed a higher emphasis on ensuring that travelers have access to the internet through free Wi-Fi.


Based on a finding by Ookla’s Speedtest in 2018 to discover the fastest free Wi-Fi in airports in the United States and Canada, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport tops the list with 103 Mbps of download speed. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport recognized the importance of such facility for travelers and overtook Denver International Airport, which was in the first place over the past two years. This year, Denver International Airport came in second with a speed of 78.68 Mbps.


Calgary International Airport came in third with a speed of 67.23 Mbps, followed by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 59.62 Mbps. The latter had the most significant speed improvement with an increase of 2,124% from 2.68 Mbps in the previous year. On the other spectrum of the list, the airports with the slowest Wi-Fi are located in Canada with Toronto Pearson International Airport recording a speed of 7.14 Mbps, followed by Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport with a speed of 6.41 Mbps.


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